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For the longest time I wondered why the U.S. has been easy on Iran. Many political and military analysts believe that Iran is too big and strong to be confronted or defeated. But this is not the case at all. The fact that the U.S. does not hesitate to attack Iran when a red line is crossed proves my point. Perhaps, the reason this line was not crossed when Iran fired hundreds of drones and missiles on Israel to land nowhere near any habitable place. Obviously, the entire attack was a theatrical retaliation.

It turned out that there is another reason for the American policy. The Americans and the West prefer to put up with a nuisance called the Mullahs instead of having aggressive tyrants such as Putin take over the whole region we call the Middle East. In my opinion, a weakened Iran would leave the door wide open for other superpowers to move into a very strategically important region of the world.

For the longest time, Iran has been considered to be the first line of defense against Russia and her allies. Surprisingly, nothing has changed after the departure of the Shah. Yes, things may look different on the surface. Tehran may present itself as a strong ally of Russia and China, but Iranian leaders have their own policies and agenda. The regime is totally independent from any outside evidence. Basically, they are able to take their own decisions and make their own choices.

Not many people would agree with this assessment. But until I see significant changes to this status quo, no one can prove me wrong. The question to ask is could our policy makers be so brilliant despite so many blunders committed in the past and still being occurring now and will be taking place in the future? Honestly, I cannot claim to have the right answer. All I can go by are historical facts and events.

The U.S. had cooperated with Iran on many occasions. Not the least of which the role Iran played in defeating Isis. More to the point, the Americans had an opportunity to demolish all of Iran’s proxies when they moved into Iraq. They did not. Conclusion: the Americans and their allies do not want a weak Iran. Hamas may be an Iranian ally, but its latest massacre was not ordered by the Mullahs. This is not my opinion; this is what the American intelligence sources have found to be true.

If I were to speculate, Putin would be my suspect. Hamas does not refuse funds or military hardware from any side. There is no proof, but one can be justified to speculate that Hamas is receiving aides and orders from Moscow. Before the massacre of October 7, the whole world was only occupied by the war in Ukraine. After this tragic event, all over the world, we only saw protests and demonstrations against Israel. Hardly anyone talks about the suffering of the Ukrainian people -or the Russian people for this matter. On the contrary, we now hear loud voices calling to end the war.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the Americans make mistakes, some of them may even be classified as serious, they have been successful in avoiding a major world conflict for eight decades. An accomplishment never attained by humanity in the past. They truly deserve our thanks and gratitude regardless of our nationality. Think how many millions died during the great wars and you would agree with me.

For this policy to succeed, the Americans must keep the Russians and other superpowers from being tempted to invade new territories, especially the strategic ones. Iran happened to be one strategic venue that is extremely important to allow anyone to occupy.  

Unfortunately, until the changes come from within Iran, many will have to suffer. Not only the Iranians, but also, all neighboring countries. The Saudis, the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Kurds, the Turks, the Lebanese, the Emirates, and many others may not like it, but this is a reality they must deal with on their own. Even as we witnessed lately, the Israelis must make imaginable sacrifices toward this goal.    

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Iran targeted military assets within Israel, as you say far away from the civilians, leaving out the fact that they targeted military assets within Israel.

It appears Iran is a far more competent force then the IDF as Iran can hit its military targets with very few civilian casualties. The IDF cannot fire a blank without murdering a baby.

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