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Time and Space - Continued

While on the subject of time and space, if the greater universe has no beginning or end, so should the case be with time. With this theory, we find ourselves in a very strange situation. The future and the past cannot be distinguished from one another. The past could be the future and the future could be the past and vice versa with no end.

This leads me to observe what is happening to my ideas and theories. In the past many thinkers were executed for introducing new theories and ideas about the universe. Copernicus and Bruno, two martyrs of science that come to mind.

The crimes were perpetuated by the church. In my case, the crime is committed by scientists. The difference is very subtle, in the past silence was achieved by physical harm, in my case the silence is being achieved by denial.

I am shocked that out of the many scientists contacted, not even one has bothered to comment on my theories, let alone discuss them. History shows that ideas cannot be suppressed, regardless of the means deployed to destroy them. I am certain that one day future scientists will be more open and supportive of my ideas and theories.

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