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Survival - The Ultimate Mission - Part 1 - Intro


-As a little boy, like many others, my dreams always revolved around one goal that one day I would be strong and powerful. It has taken me over fifty years to discover that as an intelligent species, we draw strength from our weakness. Not only would an all-powerful super being and powerful breed of super humans spell the end of humanity, it won’t even be able to survive. Yet how many of us aspire to be a superman or a superwoman, what an irony.

-Everything that can be connected to survival can be explained logically and reasonably.

-Humanity is immortal, you are part of humanity, help humanity and you will be immortal as well.

-The continuous creation has assigned us a mission. We are entrusted in keeping intelligence and creativity alive, without which nothing in the universe would amount to anything.

-The reason we tend to be kind and compassionate has nothing to do with nobility. We tend to be generous because it makes more sense to sustain the survival of the species. Like generosity, any action or behaviour that can be proved, with a degree of logic, to be beneficial to the long survival of humanity, must be tolerated if not celebrated.

- An intelligent species should be able to discover on its own the benefits of cooperation and peaceful existence. The highest form of civilization lies in the ability to solve any differences or disagreement without resorting to war and violence.

-Space traveling in the distant future will greatly depend on our ability to discover the unknown energy of the universe and use it to power future spaceships that are able to make stellar if not galactic treks.

By having these vehicles fueled from the elements of the universe as they shuttle through it, there will be no need to carry any fuel. Nothing short of this visionary plan would make such travel possible.

-There is a good chance that intelligent life might exist on other planets. However, making contact with any other intelligent civilization may never take place. The reasons are almost endless. They range from the simplest such as the absence of radio to the most complicated such as the state of super intelligence, in which case a far advanced society, contrary to the former one that have failed to invent the radio, would have discovered new methods of communications that are beyond our comprehension and might include such exotic methods as telepathy.

-Intelligence is very important for the survival of any species, nonetheless intelligence without vision, creativity and socially civilized infrastructure does not amount to anything. As a matter of fact, an all-powerful super being would probably cease to interact with others and more than likely cease to be creative. This is why space and creative vision have no bound.

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