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(The reason the title SURVIVAL THE ULTIMATE MISSION was picked is simple: everything we do or believe in is connected to survival or should be.)

As an intelligent species, we have been able to discover a lot about the elements that surround us; as well we have been able to invent numerous tools and gadgets which help us in our struggle to survive. Furthermore, one can be safe to predict that this quest to invent, discover and explore is going to be with us for generations to come and more than likely forever.

The ultimate discovery, however, lies in what we discover about ourselves as human beings. Indeed, even the greatest discoveries would mean nothing if intelligent beings did not exist to enjoy their benefits. Despite the fact that we may never find the absolute answer for the reason of our existence, it certainly helps to have an understanding - albeit a vague one - about who we are as living intelligent beings.

This essay is just about that. The sad part about embarking on an endeavour as such is in the small audience who might find it appealing. Unlike scientific discoveries where most people would be in a position to immediately identify with their benefits, which in turn would allow them to have a contingent appreciation of their potential; this type of discovery takes a long time to show any benefits.

It takes decades for any ideas to be recognized, decades more before they are taught at colleges and universities - let alone adopted by any leader. Unless new ideas succeed in becoming part of the academic circles, they have no chance of reaching any political leader.

This is mainly due to the slow process involved in communicating any unconventional thinking to the world leaders. Modern times have made it almost impossible to access any of them. The leaders who make all types of decisions affecting our lives, are shielded by a small group of advisors and handlers who are more concerned about politics and elections than anything else - including the economy. Anyone in this state of mind is not going to take a risk on anything - even introducing a visionary idea.

This essay is comprised of three major parts, the first one entitled Immortal Species deals with the mysteries and meanings of life. The opening section starts by observing how everything in the universe keeps changing, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy, nothing stays the same forever.

From there an attempt is made to establish that without renewal and rebirth there could be no existence. The following and last sections reflect on intelligence and awareness and how without them nothing in existence would make any sense.

Subsequently, the conclusion of the first part explains why as an intelligent species we have evolved to be great creators and how by creating new universes we have secured immortality for ourselves.

Interestingly, as I pondered upon our lives, I began to realize that our real strength as a species does not depend on super intelligent beings and super humans, to the contrary, our chances of being immortal rest solely on our ability to garner the aggregate resources of the entire creative race.

What sets us apart from all other living forms happens to be this inherent gift which leads us to work creatively with one another toward a common goal. I suppose after reading about this concept, one may find me to be a “creativist” - for someone who believes the creative human mind is immortal. Unlike the immortal physical universe that is only capable of transformation, a process I sometimes refer to as continuous creation; we are able to create immortal thoughts, images and dreams that can be shared collectively. The reason for which we can only be immortal as a species not individuals.

In fact, I state that an all-powerful super being would amount to nothing if he or she had no one to creatively interact with. No matter how powerful, intelligent or creative, one person alone cannot accomplish anything and even if he or she were to achieve something, this achievement will not amount to much unless it brought clear benefits to the entire species or the majority of the population were able to connect with it.

Moving to the next part, the reader steps into something totally different; in exploring how humanity would be able to survive on this planet for many years to come, the essay touches on all kinds of subjects that are going to be crucial to our future survival.

The first section of the second part relays to the reader what environmentalists have been saying all along about the danger facing our planet as a result of the over use of fossil fuel.

The next section argues how our civilization would have no choice but to change its way of life to maintain a high standard of living - since our natural resources will eventually be depleted. The following section takes the reader on a new journey where new concepts are introduced to help future generations drastically reduce their dependence on fossil fuel.

Whereas most environment activists have been focusing on the problems, this essay makes a serious attempt to introduce practical solutions to the crisis such as eliminating the automobile by redesigning our habitat and cities in an innovative fashion where the need for local transportation would become obsolete.

The latter sections of the second part of the essay ponder on the role of government during the transitional period that is going to take place after an oil shortage strikes. The final sections underline the importance of planning for the anticipated crisis by reminding the reader about the danger and risk humanity would be faced with as a result of inaction and indifference.

Initially, those were the topics of the discussion; however, upon realizing that the solar system was not going to last forever, a third part had to be added on. It deals with ways and suggestions in how our species could survive beyond the destruction of the sun.

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