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How The Universe Works

Current theory: the universe started by a cosmic explosion. No evidence and no proof, only speculations. More importantly, even if one is to believe in the big bang theory, it creates more questions than answers. For instance, where did this little ball that caused the big bang come from? Scientists tell us this is a mystery. This is not science. Actually, this kind of answers would be no different than believing in a God?

New theory: the universe is infinite and was never a singularity. Proof:  the greater infinite universe is not made of any particles or sub particles; it is made of dark energy and dark matter. Why? Because an infinite universe cannot have a center of gravity. This is a scientific fact based on the law of physics that no one has observed for thousands of years.

Without a center of gravity, there cannot be any gravity, in the absence of the gravitational force, even the atom is forced to split and disintegrate. This is the proof that the greater universe is infinite. This is why in my opinion the greater universe is made of creative thoughts because a creative thought can morph into anything. This is why the greater infinite universe weighs nothing or zero. Because without a center of gravity, the gravitational force does not exist, and it amounts to nothing. And therefore, one can structure this equation based on the law of physics.

Universal Weight=Universal Mass x Gravity or UW=UM x G which ends up being UW=0

Not convinced? Observe how galaxies do not follow the law of gravity and take the shape of spheres. Answer: in an infinite universe, all celestial bodies are forced to stay on the move. Galaxies in the infinite universe with no center of gravity can be compared to objects that are forever falling into a bottomless pit. As they do, they bump into each other and go flat.        

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