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OCT 05, 2015



It is funny how politicians can put a spin on anything. Even numbers can be turned around to make them look good.

Here is a good example: Mr. Harper claims to have balanced the budget. However, this is only part of the equation. Mr. Harper neglects to tell us that this goal was accomplished by starving the provinces. This is the reason that most of them are running huge deficits – Ontario in particular. No wonder why he has refused to meet with the premiers for the last few years.

Sadly, this type of creative accounting is not limited to the Conservatives. Regardless of what they say or promise and regardless of which one of three other parties is going to be in power, we are going to end up dealing with huge deficits.

With an aging population and a lack of quality jobs, the majority of the Western Countries will be suffering from what I term the Japanese Syndrome. (For the record: Japan is currently dealing with a greater national debt per capita than countries like Greece.)

It is a syndrome where there are too many seniors depending on government assistance, while on the other hand there are not enough young people with quality jobs paying enough taxes to support them.

Even when corporate taxes are hiked, even if the rich are made to pay more, the deficit will be huge. The U.S., Japan, Germany and many other countries have higher taxes than Canada, yet, they are running enormous deficits. For almost a decade, the U.S. has been running a trillion dollar deficit. Japan is not far behind.

All parties neglected to include this data in their forecast. As a result, they will all be running huge deficits. They have made their calculation on old data that are no longer accurate.

In any case, even if they were to realize how grave the situation we will be facing in the next two or three decades, they would have been reluctant to discuss it.

The issue is too complex and depressing for politicians to address during an election.

Politicians prefer talking about issues that would make them look like they are doing something by presenting quick fix solutions. Issues, like daycare and balancing the budget. Personally, I find this tactic to be appalling and dangerous – particularly when our survival is at stake.

The next generations are doomed. They will be responsible to pay the huge debts incurred by their parents and grandparents. You may have heard of generation screwed, now you are hearing about generation doomed.

The only way to prevent this situation from taking place would be by implementing the projects and policies I have been promoting for years. To create massive quality jobs, we need massive investments in innovative projects. Investments that will also generate revenues and avert further tax hikes if not reducing them.

Policies that are narrow in scope, shallow and simplistic will no longer do. We need vision and long term planning.  Visit for all the details.

On October 19, vote the new vision, vote Robert Skaf.

OCT 05, 2015



Once again, politicians are coming up with the same quick fix solutions to complex problems. The conservative will cut carbon emission by the end of the century. Easy solution, most analysts expect oil reserve to be depleted long before then. The Liberals, the NDP and the Greens are all in favour of imposing tax on polluters. In my view, the whole idea of imposing tax on this commodity does not make any sense. At the present time we have no viable alternative to fossil fuel. Even if we were to start today replacing this fuel, it will take decades. With no other choices available, this is what is going to happen. Polluters will pay the tax and turn around and charge consumers more for everything. They have no incentive to invest in any new technology. This is the reason this idea has been tried elsewhere and failed.

Here is a plan that w! ould work. Let governments at all level take the initiative. Let us all work together to find a replacement for fossil fuel. Let consumers and polluters have a choice first. When this goal has been reached, then and only then carbon tax will work. Without offering an alternative to fossil fuel, there will be no incentive for the oil company to find other applications for oil or natural gas. Moreover, no one will take us seriously.
Burning fuel is a waste to a resource that can be used in all types of projects. It can be recycled almost in perpetuity. Oil companies are better off owning or leasing this commodity by-product than wasting it. There is a false perception that oil companies would go out of business if stringent rules are imposed. Oil companies will go out of business when oil wells dry up. With my proposal, they will always be in business. For more details on the subject visit my website 


OCT 02, 2015


For the first time in our history, our children are not going to be better off than us. Furthermore, the future for the next generation does not look promising.

However, this bleak picture can be averted. We have to realize that the battle for the old economy has been lost and the only way to get ahead and maintain prosperity would be by creating a new economy. Nothing short of that goal will do.

This can only happen when governments at all levels are willing to make a commitment for massive investments in new innovative projects. You can read all the details when visiting

At best, politicians are mere mediocre caretakers and tax collectors. Vision, new technology, new inventions and new discoveries are the major developments in history that changed our lives. The latest explosion in digital technology and science proves my theory.

Vision and inventions endure forever. Tommy Douglas vision of a universal healthcare, Sir John A Macdonald vision of a united Canada, and the vision of The American Revolutionaries that created one of the greatest country in history, along with all past inventions and discoveries will be forever part of our human experience.

Our politicians keep talking about change. However, until they foster and support new technology, new inventions and new discoveries, there will be no change. We need to implement projects designed to provide a better future for the next generations. We need to devise long term plans to secure the survival of our civilization.

 The new innovative projects I am proposing will define the next century. More importantly, they are designed to create quality strategic jobs for all Canadians. Better yet, by virtue of their uniqueness, they will be able to generate revenues. These revenues will be applied to reduce taxes for families. Read all the details by visiting


When it comes to vision and innovation, all parties share a history of failure. All leaders have failed to provide a cohesive plan to create quality strategic jobs. Voting for any of them would be a reward for failure.

On October 19, make your voice heard. Demand that the head of the next government be the job provider in chief, the innovator in chief and the inventor in chief, along with being the commander in chief. Demand a new class of leaders.

On October 19, say no to mediocrity, say no to complacency, say no to politics, say no to lobbyists and influence peddlers and vote the new vision. Vote to secure a better future for your children.

I am Robert Skaf and I am the author of this new vision.



SEPT 24, 2015




I have no idea why Mr. Mulcair stopped promoting his promise of raise the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour. I hope he has come to realize how reckless and irresponsible such a decision would be. To begin with, long before considering any changes to the minimum wage, we should take a good look at the going rate in the United States. Next, we should explore all the pros and cons that are involved. On the surface, such a proposal has a great appeal, however, once we consider all the facts, we soon realize that such a decision would do more harm than good.


1. Job losses:

Not long ago, there were close to a thousand people in our city who worked for different telemarketing companies. We lost these jobs mostly because politicians decided to raise the minimum wage without considering the consequences. Mr. Mulcair is doing the same thing.

Moreover, even at $11.00 per hour, we see retailers installing self-serve checkouts and eliminating positions. With a higher rate, they will definitely be cutting more jobs. The point is that large corporations will find a way to absorb this increase.

Unfortunately, small businesses cannot afford to invest inexpensive technology such as self-checkout counters. Many of them will be going out of business and as a result more jobs will be lost.

As a small independent grocer who has to compete with titans such as Walmart, Loblaws and Sobeys, I will be left with no choice but to lay off several employees. This would be the only step I can take to keep my prices low while staying in business.

Now, did Mr. Mulcair think about what would happen to restaurants? With such a hike, not too many of us would be able to afford patronizing restaurants. Consequently, there will be more small business closers and more job losses.


2. Inflation and Taxes

Also, did he think how his decision would impact the other wages and salaries? It has been a proven fact that by raising the minimum wage, we will be creating a chain reaction whereby the rest of the wages will go up.

As this takes place, inflation will be rising as well. Plus, let us not forget that the person making $15.00 an hour would be paying more taxes.

All in all, one can clearly realize that the drastic increase Mr. Mulclair is proposing is not going to help anyone, and if anything would be doing more harm than good.



In all my criticism and discussion, I always offer an alternative. In my opinion, regardless of what Mr. Mulclair has decided, we should be helping those members of our society who rely on their minimum wage to pay the bills. After all, we have all types of programs to help other members who need help. Indeed, not only do minimum wage earners need help, they also deserve it.

Here is what I propose: let governments work together on all levels to offer low earners a reasonable bonus which would be set relative to the hour they work. With this policy, there will be no job losses and no inflation. Most of the money spent will be recovered from the increase in the additional economic activities. Not the least of which would be the revenue generated from the sales taxes.

Finally, forget the guaranteed income concept. From what I can see, it will cost more to administer such a program than all the money we are going to spend on bonuses.

I hope our party leaders and most of all Mr. Mulcair would stop listening to their political advisors. They can start by reading this letter which is written by a person in business, a person who deals with low income people on a daily basis, a person who deeply cares about his employees.


Robert Skaf


Independent Candidate

Thunder Bay Superior North

SEPT 15, 2015.



I grew up in a family of 9. My parents had even more siblings. My wife and I decided to limit our production to 2. We would be lucky to have any grandchildren.


For the longest time the human population was steadily increasing. For the first time in our history we are looking at a substantial drop in the population all over the Western world. There will be less of us in the next decade. More alarming, there will be hardly any left if this trend was to continue.


Despite this bleak forecast, none of the Federal parties are addressing this life and death issue. For many reasons I am promoting an active Government that invests in innovative projects and creates quality, strategic jobs. One of them, happens to be securing enough income for young couples whereby they can afford raising a family.


This catastrophe can only be prevented by starting to take action now. We must plan for the long survival of our Western Civilization or commit ourselves to passive destruction.

Our politicians did not even bother including this matter of life and death issue in their debates. It’s this complete disregard to our survival as a nation, as a civilization that compels individuals, such as myself, to become active.


-Robert Skaf

























Concept by Robert Skaf

Illustration by Donna Heisholt


SEPT 2, 2015.



Let me begin by stating that burning away oil will be viewed by future generations as the worst, reckless act committed by our generation. Not only are we polluting, we are also depleting this precious resource to the point where there will be hardly any of it left for the future generations. (For better ways to use oil and recycle it in perpetuity, visit

This is the sad, present situation that is not going to change anytime soon. Nonetheless, until we devise and implement a better and cleaner technology to power vehicles, it makes every sense to transport oil via pipes.

I am the first to admit that traditional pipes are not safe and should never be allowed or licensed. In fact, I wrote about this subject few years back. (For details, visit

To satisfy the need of the industry while protecting nature, a safer pipe could be utilized. It would be built and assembled in the shape of a snake. In that, its parts would be made of rigid vertebrates which are joined together by soft material such as plastic or rubber.  By copying nature, the pipe would be far more advanced than what we have. Moreover, it would be flexible enough to avoid rupturing and breaking.

On top of that, we can go a step further to make it safer. We could run an inner pipe or a hose made completely out of rubber. As oil runs through, it would be strictly confined to this inner pipe.  

Thunder Bay would economically reap great benefit from allowing the pipe to be built at the initial stage. Furthermore, we can develop the technology to build these pipes here and export them worldwide. This is where our university and college can play a crucial role in achieving this project.

If no private enterprise is found to develop the technology, we should start our own corporation and do the job ourselves. More benefit to our community. Thunder Bay Inc. would be generating revenue which could be applied to reduce our taxes.

This vision was developed long before I had decided to run for the federal seat as an independent candidate. (For details, visit


- Robert Skaf



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